At the Whitgift Centre, we can offer various commercialisation opportunities that can be tailored to suit your marketing objectives and budget. Across the centre, we can offer advertising and promotional space which can be located in key areas, giving you access to large audiences.

Mall Retail

We can offer sites across our centre ranging from one day to one year, which are perfect for seasonal shops and trial periods without committing to a long term contract.


Product sampling at the Whitgift Centre can really help expose your brand to the right people at the right times. This gives your key market a chance to get up close and personal with your products, and also gives you the opportunity to communicate your brand values and gather data for use in further campaigns.

Centre Media

Advertising across the centre can take many forms including lift and escalator advertising and posters. Working together, we can pin point locations for you where your adverts will be best suited.

Brand Alliance & Events

Throughout the year, various events take place at the Whitgift, giving you and your brand the perfect opportunity to connect with customers on an interactive level. Working with our marketing team, our events are promoted to key local media before, during and after they take place, so featuring your brand is a perfect way to reach a wider audience.

If you would like to discuss anything further, please contact:

Craig Engall
Mall Solutions Europe
c/o Whitgift Centre Management
Management Suite
Unit 2150
The Whitgift
T: 020 8253 1599